Bin Activator CBA Series

This bin emits vibrations in hoppers in order to "shake" the product and break up lumps or stoppages in storage silos.


  • 45 Degree or unique 30/60 degree cone design
  • Weld-On adaptor ring for welding directly to the storage bin/silo
  • Ductile iron hanger arms with rubber bushings
  • Black EPDM inlet and outlet socks with drawbands
  • Internal pressure cone
  • Vibratory motor with adjustable eccentric weights


  • Carbon steel or stainless steel product contact
  • Bolt-On adaptor ring for bolting of the assembled unit to a matching flange on the storage bin/silo
  • TENV/XP vibratory motor enclosure
  • White EPDM, White Nitrile, Viton and silicone inlet and outlet socks with drawbands
  • Maintenance gate
  • Special paint finishes and sanitary designs available
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Bin Activator CBA Series

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