Bulk Bag Discharger - FL Series

The Forklift (FL) Series Bulk Bag Discharger is designed and built to work with forklift delivery vehicles to load
and discharge materials.


  • Square tube support frame. The frame is provided with bolt together sections designed to reduce handling and
    shipping costs.
  • Adjustable bag adaptor support brackets to accommodate various bag lengths.
  • Forklift load bag lifting adaptor with liner retainer is provided for simple and secure bag loop attachment.
  • Two bag massage paddles provide support for the bag and promote material flow out of the bag. Pneumatic cylinders push the massage paddles upward and inward on the bag providing agitation to promote material flow.
  • Integral dust control provided by a vent filter and fan. Dust collected is reintroduced into the bag untie hopper.
  • 24” x 24” square bag untie hopper is provided with an iris valve inlet to limit dusting when the bag spout is opened. The 24” X 12” hopper door is provided with a safety switch intended to disengage the vent filter pulsing and fan, as well as disengage any equipment attached to the hopper discharge that might present a safety hazard.
  • Bulk bag unloader local control assembly (NEMA 4) is provided for local control of the massage paddles. An adjustable
    cycle timer, pressure regulator, solenoid valve and off/on switch are used to operate the massage paddles in a manual
    control mode. This assembly also has an additional off/on switch for the activation of the vent filter pulse timer and
    the vent filter fan. A buyer-provided motor starter is required for the vent filter fan. This assembly can be configured for
    automated control from a buyer-provided control system.


  • Carbon Steel or stainless steel product contact surfaces.
  • Carbon Steel or stainless steel support frame.
  • Two side bag massage paddles to provide agitation to the middle of the bag sides.
  • Remote dust collection stub in place of integral dust collection.
  • 30” x 30” hopper with 30” x 18” door and fold-up bag rest shelf for intermittent dumping of 50 pound bags.
  • Bag support pan in place of massage paddles for free-flowing products.
  • Load cells for loss-in-weight applications.

Bulk Bag Discharger - FL Series

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