Ceram-Back Elbows

Ceramic coated elbows are used for instances where large particle impact or abrasion is a problem during turns or diversions in product lines.

The “CERAM-BACK” has a jacket across the back of the core elbow which is approximately 1/2” of ceramic compound. This compound has a Mohs hardness of +9, second only to diamond, which has a Mohs hardness of 10. The ceramic jacket and core elbow is then wrapped with an exterior material to maintain the hoop strength. Once the core elbow has worn through, the abrasion is transferred to the ceramic outer jacket. The core also acts as a static conductor.

Ceram-Back Elbow

Designed and manufactured to withstand impact of large particle pneumatic conveyance (particles 1/2” or larger). One of the keys to the “FLAT-BACK” is that it uses a pipe or tube for the inner core substrate. Using a pipe or tube core lessens the turbulence caused by the inlet/outlet transitions or going from round to square and back to round. This technique of manufacturing also leads into fabricated special fittings using case ceramic tiles.

Flat-Back Elbow

The “CAST-BACK” elbow is designed to withstand the impact of large particle conveying. It has a 3/4” thick solid ceramic tiles that fit around the back of the core elbow. The tiles snap together and are then wrapped with an exterior material to hold the tiles tight and help maintain hoop strength. Once the core elbow has worn through, the abrasion is then transferred to the ceramic tile. The metal core also acts as a static conductor.

Cast-Back Elbow

We have the ability to coat whatever part you are having wear problems with. This includes laterals, TY’s, Wyes, bifurcated Y’s, cyclones, tube adapters, blow thru adapters, diverter valves, wear plates or your specific part.

Ceramic Coated Parts

Ceram-Back Elbows

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