Desiccant Dehumidifier

The MIniPAC® dehumidifier is the ideal dehumidification solution for smaller facilities in need of reliable humidity control or mold and mildew protection. The MIniPAC® can be installed as a stand-alone unit, or attached to any central air conditioning system to enhance the system's dehumidification capability. A small, yet powerful unit that combats the effects of moisture in a wide variety of applications. Compact off the shelf sizes from 100 to 600 CFM.

  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Auto/Manual selector switch
  • Power on, heater on and fault status indication
  • Independent blower for each air stream
  • Volume control dampers


Custom engineered units with sizes from 300 to 30,000 CFM. The VFB® is the ideal dehumidification solution for facilities in need of custom built reliable temperature and humidity control.

  • Electric, stream, direct or indirect fired gas reactivation
  • Easy to remove desiccant rotor
  • Cleanable or disposable 30% inlet air filters
  • Relay-based controls for simple reliable operation
  • Hinged filter access doors with quick release fasteners
  • Circuit breakers (not fuses) for over-current protection

VFB Dehumidifier

Desiccant Dehumidifier

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