Easy Clean Rotary Airlock ECDT Series

The Easy Clean Rotary Airlock ECDT Series meters product out of a hopper while isolating the air pressures on either inlet or outlet of the airlock. A typical application for an airlock is to meter product into a convey line.


  • Cast iron housing and end plates – Class 40, 220 Brinell
  • 9-Vane open ended, carbon steel, rotor consisting of >1/4” and <5/16” plate vanes continuously welded to cold rolled shaft
  • Supporting bars for easy removal of rotor and end cover
  • Sheared angle inlet
  • Maximum pressure differential of 29.4 PSIG
  • Class I clearances (0.004” to 0.005”) between the rotor and the housing/end plates
  • Outboard ball bearings, factory lifetime lubricated, with felt seals and concentric locking collar – 300°F maximum operating temperature
  • External packing gland type seals
  • Standard Grey enamel exterior


  • 316 Stainless steel housing and end plates
  • 304 or 316 Stainless steel rotor
  • Relieved (beveled) rotor tips and sides
  • Increased rotor clearances as required based on application (e.g., product, temperature, materials of construction, etc.)
  • Closed end rotor with end plate air purge
  • Teflon or Nedox coated rotor
  • Adjustable and replaceable rotor tips fabricated of hardened tool steel
  • Reduced capacity rotor
  • Interior of the housing and end plates coated with an electrically deposited layer of hard chrome
  • Inlet and outlet throats coated with an FDA epoxy
  • High temperature design (<400°F)
  • Food grade, braided seals
  • Shaft seal air purge assembly
  • TEFC, X-Proof, Mill & Chem, High Efficiency, Premium Efficiency, Inverter Duty drive groups 
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Easy Clean Rotary Airlock ECDT Series

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