Exposed Pole Inline Magnet EPT Series

This magnet will seperate metals from the product stream.


  • Leak-resistant flat to flat seal for line pressures up to 15 psi
  • Lorenz® T-Handle clamps for a positive seal
  • 304 Stainless steel housing for long, non-corrosive life
  • Rare earth model features door mounted magnet for cleaning off collected metal outside of the flow
  • 45 MgOe Rare Earth Magnet


  • Grade 8 Ceramic Magnets
  • Standard pipe-size ends
  • Custom line sizes
  • ANSI bolt pattern flanges
  • ANSI spec flanges
  • Food grade finish and welds
  • Sanitary finish and welds
  • Magnet mounted to cart for portable pneumatic bulk unloading applications 
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Exposed Pole Inline Magnet EPT Series

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