Filter Bag Materials & Efficiency Statement
The HorizonPSI SideWinder filter utilizes banks of individual filter racks to separate the material and air. Each rack contains 15 SpiroTubes (spiral formed tubes) that are supported in a single compact frame. The tubes are sonically welded to ensure airtight construction.

The 1.02" diameter of each SpiroTube provides an optimal relationship between the total unit area and the open area between the tubes. This decreases face velocities and increases airflow in four directions between the elements, enabling better control of the air stream velocities and increased dust release capacities. The one-piece self-supporting SpiroTubes are made of spun bonded polyester media laminated with an expanded PTFE membrane. This filter media can operate in temperatures up to 176 degrees F.


  • Extremely low pressure drop, even at high air-to-cloth ratios.
  • Extremely low emissions - less than 1.0 mg/Nm3. This 99.99+% efficiency is a result of the spun bonded filter media and the expanded PTFE membrane.
  • Excellent dust release characteristics allow for improved, increased airflow and reduce differential pressure.
  • The one-piece filter rack design reduces installation time and maintenance requirements.
  • Operate at higher than normal air-to-cloth ratios for increase throughout.
Filter Bag Materials & Efficiency Statement

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