Filter/Receiver RFC Series

This filter/receiver features reverse jet pulse cleaning of the bottom removal style filter cartridges.  It can be designed for a maximum external operating pressure of 17” Hg (vacuum) or 40” WC (pressure or low vacuum) service.  It is available in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction.  The filter media is a Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge with 45 Pleats per element.  No support cage is required.

  • Bottom Removal Filter Media
  • Spun bonded polyester, bottom loading cartridge filter media
  • Tools are required and, dependent upon model, confined entry may also be required


  • Clean air plenum with clean air outlet stub
  • Jet pulse cleaning complete with:
    • Compressed air header and diaphragm valves
    • Internal air piping
  • Adjustable pulse timer board and solenoids mounted in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Spun bonded polyester cartridge media with 45 pleats per element
  • Galvanized steel bag cups and venturis factory installed onto tubesheet
  • Galvanized steel bag cages with stainless steel bag clamps
  • Filter housing with mounting flange and hinged access door
  • Magnehelic differential pressure gauge with filter
  • 60 Degree hopper with radial inlet (Style 3 only)
  • Support lugs (Style 3 only)


  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Pneumatic receiver section consisting of a tangential inlet and internal, cyclonic, ring to protect the filter media from direct contact by the product
  • Radial inlet with internal deflector plate to protect the filter media from direct contact by the product
  • NEMA 4X or NEMA 7/9 timer enclosure
  • Support legs
  • Maintenance access ladder and platform
  • Inspection/Access opening
  • Industrial/Food grade epoxy interior
  • Smooth not Flush (80 grit) or Smooth and Flush (120 grit) weld seams
  • 70 Degree hopper slope
  • Asymmetric hopper configuration (offset)
  • Explosion relief vent
  • Flanged product inlet/clean air outlet
  • Additional sidewall height to provide surge/storage capacity
  • Pulse on demand differential pressure gauge and/or switch
Filter/Receiver RFC Series

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