Fluid Flow Hopper FFH Series

This hopper uses low pressure air to aid flow of difficult to handle powders. The Fluid Flow Hopper requires an air source which is typically regulated compressed air.


  • This device is for use as a flow aid with difficult to handle powders (i.e. titanium dioxide) from a bin/hopper by utilizing low pressure air to aerate and flex the material inside the hopper
  • 60 Degree hopper with flanged product discharge
  • Permeable flow liner constructed of a ¼” thick needled, non-woven polyester
  • Liner features integral vinyl inlet and outlet flanges (gaskets)
  • Factory installed air manifold (Customer is responsible, unless specifically included in the proposal, for air source and supply line from the air source to the air manifold). Air supply can be provided by a stand alone pressure blower package or compressed air source.
  • Unit requires approximately 5 CFM/Sq. Ft. of clean, dry air at a pressure of 1-7 PSIG


  • Available in carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Air Control Assembly complete with combination filter/regulator and single solenoid valve to allow for remote (hand switch) or automatic (timer or PLC) operation – NEMA 4
  • Remote hand switch for localized operation
  • Hand/Off/Auto control with timer for localized, automatic operation

Fluid Flow Hopper FFH Series

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