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Guardian Ozone Equipment for Bulk Material Processing

Ozone: A Better Way to Clean

Sanitation is one of the most important aspects of producing a quality, safe product. But keeping your equipment and facility clean and your employees safe is labor-intensive and expensive.

At HorizonPSI, we’re always working to deliver solutions that help make your job faster, easier, safer and more profitable. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Guardian Ozone sanitizing equipment to our customers and to be the exclusive dealer for Guardian Ozone for the pet food industry.

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Mother Nature’s Cleaning Agent

Since it occurs naturally, ozone cleans without added chemicals. As such, it is sometimes called Mother Nature’s cleaning agent. While ozone’s disinfecting properties have been understood for over 100 years, the FDA only recently (2001) approved it as an antimicrobial agent for direct contact with foods. Ozone is one of the most effective and economical sanitation solutions available:

  • Kills salmonella, listeria, molds and other pathogens
  • Leaves no residue or by-products
  • Including ozone in your wash-down process combines cleaning and sanitation into one step
  • Uses less energy than methods involving heat
  • Ozone is a clean-in-place solution
  • Avoids wastewater penalties

Guardian Ozone Systems

Guardian Ozone delivers the world’s most advanced ozone generator technology resulting in the most energy-efficient and reliable systems available. Our custom applications can enhance your current processes through multi-point dosing access based on your application.

Guardian Ozone is available in three different applications:

  • Aqueous: Ozone-injected water for wash down and sanitation. 

  • OhxyPhog: Hydroxyl radicals within a controlled vapor for facility and equipment sanitation.

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  • Gaseous: Pure ozone within controlled rooms and inside process equipment.

Ozone can be used for clean-in-place equipment, contact surfaces including walls, floors and drains and is considered a final antimicrobial rinse since it doesn’t leave any residue. 

Ozone treatment is perfect for extruder and meat inclusion rooms and will reduce the time and effort required for active sanitation. Additionally, ozonized water can be reclaimed, will not contaminate the water supply and will reduce penalties associated with chemicals flushed down the drain.

Ozone Safety Considerations

As with the design of any food-safe process, Active, Passive and Preventative principles must be in place. Our current strategy for Designing Safety Related Control Systems for ozone deployment are based on the ISO 13849 International Standard. Plus, all Guardian Ozone solutions include built-in system process controls and remote operation, diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities to enhance employee and equipment safety.

Guardian Ozone Equipment and HorizonPSI

Guardian Ozone equipment leads the industry with reliable components and a track record of superior uptime and durability. Plus, all HorizonPSI equipment can easily be made ozone compatible and ready to work with Guardian Ozone systems. HorizonPSI is proud to bring this innovative solution to our customers.

Guardian Ozone

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