Heat Exchanger C Series

The Heat Exchanger C Series removes heat from the convey air using coolant or cooled water.

Cores are removable through both the front and back sides of the housing, without disassembly of the gas duct. Pressure tests from a full vacuum to 50 PSIG are available.

Housings can be built to contain several cores with separate or shared access panels. Mist eliminators can also be built into a housing to prevent condensed moisture from carrying downstream. The gas connection size and type can easily be changed to match system requirements.

The fins are rectangular plates with a matrix of die-extruded tube collars. A sheet metal casing provides rigidity to the fin-tube assembly prior to tube expansion.

After assembly, the tubes are expanded into the fin collars, giving a gap-free connection, maximizing heat transfer and structural integrity.

The fluid circuit consists of several parallel tube circuits, which are joined at inlet and outlet headers. The circuits are designed to work “down hill” to prevent trapping; but to assure complete drainage, optional intermediate drain headers are available. Attached at the 180 degree return bends, they provide positive water drainage and protection from freeze-up.

To prevent metal work-hardening and failure, it is important to isolate the exchanger from vibration. Pulsating flow produced by rotary lobe blowers must be dampened by a chambered silencer.

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Heat Exchanger C Series

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