Hi-Efficiency Cyclone 2HE Series

2HE series cyclones will have two cyclones and typically will utilize a screw conveyor to push product from one cyclone into an airlock beneath the other cyclone.


  • 80 Degree hoppers with flanged product discharge
  • Rectangular inlet
  • Internal exhaust stack “thimbles”
  • Lower expansion chambers with 8” diameter inspection opening
  • Six (3) support lugs


  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Inlet/Outlet transition
  • Support legs/structure
  • Inspection/Access opening
  • Industrial/Food grade epoxy interior
  • Smooth not Flush (80 grit) or Smooth and Flush (120 grit) weld seams
  • 3HE (3 cyclones) and 4HE (four cyclones) are also available for larger air volumes. 
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Hi-Efficiency Cyclone 2HE Series

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