Hopper Fluidizer Group HFG Series
The fluidizer pads are typically operated by pulsing the air on and off. The actual SCFM is calculated by multiplying the Pulse “On” Time In Seconds by the air flow at the supply pressure times the number of pads utilized.

A typical example would be that of a hopper requiring (4) pads with an on time of 2 seconds and an off time of 10 seconds at a supply pressure of 30 PSIG. This scenario would result in a total SCFM requirement of 13.4 SCFM. {60 seconds/12 seconds total cycle time = 5 cycles per minute; 5 cycles per minute x 0.67 (air flow at 30 PSIG) x 4 fluidizer pads}. The actual number of pads is dependent upon the application.


  • Fluidizer pads (maximum of 4 air pads per manifold assembly – quantity of air pads required will vary based on application parameters)
  • White silicone disk
  • Stainless steel stem
  • White, food grade, o-ring
  • Flat washer and hex nut
  • Internally threaded for 1/4” NPT male connector
  • Air control assembly complete with the following:
    • Air manifold, factory installed, complete with interconnecting air line and fittings
    • Pressure regulator with gauge
    • Single solenoid valve to allow for remote (hand switch) or automatic (timer or PLC) operation -120 VAC, NEMA 4 enclosure


  • NEMA 9 solenoid enclosure
  • Timer control board
  • Air accumulator tank
  • E-Z In assemblies – ideal for retrofitting existing hoppers or bins, or when frequent inspection and maintenance is required. Once installed, you can also perform regular inspection and maintenance as required from the outside, without confined space entry requirements, saving you both time and money.
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Hopper Fluidizer Group HFG Series

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