KleenLift - Extruder Hood KLU Series
The extruder hood is the pick-up point of a negative air lift system.  It utilizes purified air to the convey the product from the extruder to a receiver that typically feeds a dryer. 


  • Laminar air distribution eliminates clumping and tumbling and optimizes velocity at the die area.
  • Custom engineered interface between the hood, extruder barrel and knife drive.
  • Air bypass system delivers airtight shutoff when diverted, easier service and wear reduction of blade seal.
  • Sanitary design throughout the hood minimizes opportunity for product build up and hot spots and includes:
    • Treated air supply options with HEPA filtration to eliminate finish product contamination.
    • Sanitary access door, on clean side main shell, for easy cleaning.
    • Designed for heat treatment or burnout temperatures up to 300 degrees F.
    • FESTO Clean Design Solenoid Block for safe washdown and easy accessibility.
    • Actuated lower clamshells to eliminate product build up during reject/bypass.
  • Added safety features such as:
    • Rod lock cylinders on main clamshells to lock main shells in place for operator safety and positive control
    • NEMA 4X electrical enclosure separates electrical and pneumatic connections.
  • Pressure transducer for die chamber pressure verification and trending.
  • Profected gasket design to provide superior overall fit up and easy replacement in the field.
  • Large viewing windows for visual inspection of cutter and die while in operation.
  • CE Compatible


  • Pressure fan for positive pressure at the die
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Steam or Gas Heated Air Supply
  • Ozone

KleenLift - Extruder Hood KLU Series

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