Mist Air Purifier MAP Series

Our Mist Air Purifier is designed to filter fines from extruders, preconditioners and coaters. Using water injection nozzles, the fines are captured and transported to the waste drain. The capturing of these fines can help reduce contamination sites for bacterial growth and reduce downtime for routine equipment cleaning.


  • 304 Stainless steel product contact surfaces
  • Interior product contact welds continuous and ground flush to 120 grit
  • Exterior welds continuous
  • 3 HP, 304 stainless steel, washdown duty motor, Rated for 185 degrees F
  • Belt drive arrangement with 304 stainless steel guard
  • 304 Stainless steel foot pedestal
  • 500 CFM airflow
  • Water consumption – 2 G.P.M.
  • Integral 4 mesh filter media
  • 3/4” Fines and condensate drain
  • Internal baffle and drain
  • Safety grid on back opening in rear plate
  • Splash baffle with drain pan for external filter
  • Water addition nozzle
    • 1/8” Stainless steel
    • 0.7 GPM at 20 PSI
    • Must be installed in convey line near pre-conditioner vent
  • Support legs, 304 stainless steel, for floor mounting of the unit complete with leveling feet, 12” max clearance


  • Variable frequency drive
  • Flanged end connection
  • Sanitary drain connection fitting
  • HEPA outlet filter
  • Casters to allow for unit mobility
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Mist Air Purifier MAP Series

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