Pressure Blower Package
The Pressure Blower Package utilizes positive air pressure to convey the material. The motive air/pressure is produced by a positive displacement blower which is located at the beginning of the conveying system.

  • Air intake filter/silencer - optional air intake filter
  • Positive displacement blower - all major brands available
  • V-belt drive assembly and drive guard - drive guards feature access via bolted removable doors, slotted front and drop through bottom
  • Electric motor and adjustable mount base - 230/460 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz; all major brands, enclosures and efficiency ratings available
  • Weighted pressure relief valve provides superior life compared to conventional spring loaded relief valves
  • Check valve prevents product from entering discharge silencer in the event of a high pressure or back pressure
  • Combination chamber - absorption discharge silencer reduces noise radiation in the vicinity of the package
  • Vibration isolation and expansion joint isolates blower from the silencer to prevent fatigue stresses to the silencer and piping
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Pressure Blower Package

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