PVC Hose-Rubber

Polyvinyl chloride hose used for where flexible connections are required. It is coated in rubber for more heavy-duty applications. Below are the different series available.

A tough corrugated cover makes the 688SB extremely flexible for the transfer of bulk materials via suction, gravity, or pneumatic systems. The natural rubber tube provides excellent resistance to abrasion for handling commodity materials such as dry cement, lime, sand, gravel, feed, and seed.

688SB Series Rubber Hose

With its natural rubber components, steel wire helix reinforcement, and corrugated cover, 690SB is ideal for the bulk transfer of food products such as flour, sugar, syrup, and edible grains where a strong, flexible, FDA sanitary tube is required.

690SB Series Rubber Hose

With its EPDM tube and cover the Hot Air Blower hose is the ideal choice for conveying hot air up to 350° F from a blower or compressor.

Hot Air Blower Rubber Hose
A static dissipating/static conductive hose for tank truck and inplant service. Features a FDA UHMWPE (static dissipating/static conductive) inner tube with a blue synthetic rubber cover. Used to convey dry food stuffs where static buildup can be a problem.
Exstatic Dry Material Handling Hose
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PVC Hose-Rubber

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