These controls automate and monitor critical aspects of a plant’s operation.

Speed the implementation of your control system from I/O mapping to HMI graphics with QuikLOGIX™ and eliminate the debugging of custom ladder logic PLC.


  • Bring control systems online faster. QuikLOGIX templates replace PLC code generation and testing. Even experienced programmers report typical time savings between 50 and 80 percent.
  • Bring RSViewSE, ME graphics configuration on line in a fraction of the time, with graphics symbols that just require search/replace.
  • Do system checkout and operator training of simulated systems.
  • Reduce downtime using QuikLOGIX built-in alarm and status for devices and sequences.
  • Utilize PLC code and link it quickly and easily.
  • Automatically document your system by printing the QuikLOGIX configuration.
  • Different levels of security access – from view-only through password access control.
  • Standardize your corporate approach to control systems design by use of this common tool – maintenance and support staff won’t need to learn a new programming style for each different systems integrator.
  • System integrators can do more project in the same time and less cost.
  • Assures that different programmer styles will not create a project support burden. QuikLOGIX provides standardized tools for both development, simulation and HMI visualization.
  • Mitigate the likelihood of a future modification having unpredictable effects.

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