Railcar Unloading Sled
This "sled" slides beneath gravity hopper railcars for connecton to a vacuum unloading system.

Our railcar unloading sled is designed to mate to a gravity flow railcar equipped with a 32" x 24" centerflow enterprise gate.

The unit is supplied with four casters to allow for positioning of the sled under the railcar discharge. Once in position the operator then raises the pan into position by manually actuating the air cylinders. Conveying rate from the railcar is controlled by manually adjustable feed tube and air intake assembly.


  • Aluminum product contact surfaces
  • Male adaptor for conveying line hose connection
  • Air intake screen with carbon steel weather hood
  • Air intake adjustment damper
  • Manual flow control adjustment
  • Four (4) compact air cylinders to raise hopper to railcar outlet
  • Heavy duty casters w/swivel mount plate and polyurethane tread
  • Carbon steel frame with standard “White” enamel exterior

Optional features:

  • Carbon or Stainless steel product contact surfaces
  • Unloading pan only (no sled)


  • 13" x 42"
  • 13 x 24"
  • 42" x 54"
  • Dual 13" x 24"
  • Dual 12" x 9" (airslide cars)
Railcar Unloading Sled

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