The HorizonPSI ReelKleen system is an innovative way to ensure the proper sanitation of your supply line. The compact device applies a low volume spray of sanitizing agent to the interior of your cleaned conveying line. It minimizes the use of sanitizing solution, equipment and labor needed to keep your line safe. 

  • Any low viscosity pump-able solution
    • ACS/Phresh (Acidified Calcium Sulfate)
    • Quaternary (Quat) Sanitizing Agent
    • Alcohol based solutions (possible safety hazards from vapors)
    • Other agents that are customer recognized/approved


  • Compressed air
  • Spray valve
  • Mix valve
  • Mix tank
  • Reel motor
  • Speed control
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Drain valve
  • Reel motor foot switch
  • 120 volt powered hose reel


  • Data acquisition package for validation & reporting

ReelKleen Sanitation Solution


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