RIBC Discharge Station

Our Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container (RIBC) Discharge Station combines a rigid poly or stainless-steel intermediate bulk container storage with our KleenFeed Screw Feeder for a completely customizable access solution. The modular design offers fast and efficient recipe or batch changes, as well as, maximization of floor space when storing ingredients or running alternate recipes. It can be utilized as an independent component or as part of a series of feeders providing flexibility to your automated ingredient management solution.

  • Inventory is checked each time a new container is docked 
  • Pre-loaded IBCs allow less opportunity for dust to be released into the plant environment
  • Load cells can be added to offer automated gain in weight and loss in weight ingredient management
  • Multiple stands can simultaneously feed multiple ingredients
  • Inflatable valve seal for dust-free processing at feeder fill point
  • Ingredients stored in Rigid Intermediate Bulk Containers can be accessed from and returned to storage for different recipes
  • Easy to clean
RIBC Discharge Station

Detailed View of RIBC Discharge Station
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RIBC Discharge Station

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