Silo Discharge Options

At HorizonPSI, we are in the business of providing efficient and expertly manufactured silo storage and discharge solutions that meet your unique material handling needs. Whether you are in the Food, Pet Food, Plastics or Chemical industry, we have a solution for you.

Accessing bulk ingredients stored in silos requires different discharge options based on material characteristics. Here are a few of the creative bulk silo discharge systems we offer:

  1. The Bin Activator configuration is the default discharge device for a broad range of materials. The vibratory motor keeps the materials moving to allow for consistent flow. Materials that are easily compacted may need a different solution but this set up is the most common for non-hydroscopic ingredients.   

    Bin activator discharging ingredients from a silo
  2. The Twin Screw configuration is perfect for sugar, salt or spices that are hydroscopic and easily clump. A twin or triple screw is used to break up clumps and make the materials easy to convey.  

    Twin screw configuration discharging ingredients from a silo
  3. The Fluidizer Bed configuration is designed for any material that can be fluidized such as flour or calcium carbonite. Compressed air is used to aerate the material so it will flow in a uniform manner.

    Fluidizer bed configuration discharging ingredients from a silo
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