Small Bag Dump RDCR Series

This is a manually operated bag dump that requires a worker to physically lift and cut open the bag.  This unit requires a connection to a separate dust collection system to control the dust created from dumping bags.


  • 60 degree hopper, nominal, with flanged product discharge
  • Hinged access door with gas springs to keep the door in the open or closed position
  • 34” Wide x 12” deep removable grating
  • Removable air baffle
  • 36” Wide x 9” deep bag resting shelf
  • Support legs to provide 24” clearance beneath the discharge flange
  • 6” O.D. stub for connection to central dust collection system


  • Carbon steel or 304 stainless steel construction
  • Various hopper slopes and/or configurations
  • Access platform to maintain dump height to less than 40”
  • Hydraulic bag compactor
  • Additional straight wall height to provide storage/surge capacity
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Small Bag Dump RDCR Series

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