Storage Bin SB Series
This bin stores ingredients without metering outflow and without an inline blower or fan.


  • 60 Degree hopper with flanged product discharge
  • Closed top with flanged inlet
  • Two (2) half couplings for mounting of high and low level indicator
  • Four (4) support lugs
  • Lifting lugs


  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Tangential inlet
  • Support legs/structure
  • Pressure/Vacuum relief valve
  • Pressure/Vacuum rated versus standard atmospheric design
  • Inspection/Access opening
  • Industrial/Food grade epoxy interior
  • Smooth not Flush (80 grit) or Smooth and Flush (120 grit) weld seams
  • 70 Degree hopper slope
  • Asymmetric hopper configuration (offset)
  • Flange for mounting of vent filter
  • Additional sidewall height to provide surge/storage capacity
  • Vent sock for venting of displaced air
  • Various flow aids (e.g., fluidizer pads, bin vibrator, bin activator, etc.)
  • Various point level indicators (e.g., rotary, capacitance, proximity, etc.)
  • 10” sloped top

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Storage Bin SB Series

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