Vacuum Blower VBH Series
The Vacuum Blower VBH Series utilizes negative air pressure to convey the material. The motive air/pressure is produced by a positive displacement blower which is located at the end of the conveying system. 

  • Inline filter prevents material from entering blower in case of a bag leak
  • Air operated vacuum breaker valve allows blower to come up to speed under a “no load“ condition and protect the blower against a high vacuum condition (open based on vacuum switch setting if programmed into process controls)
  • Positive displacement blower - all major brands available
  • Electric motor and adjustable mount base 230/460 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz all major brands, enclosures and efficiency ratings available
  • Discharge weatherhood prevents birds and large debris from entering discharge silencer while in the off condition
  • Combination chamber – absorption discharge silencer reduces noise radiation in the vicinity of the package
  • V-Belt drive assembly and drive guard – drive guard features access via removable doors, slotted front and drop through bottom
  • Vibration isolation and expansion joint isolates blower from the silencer to prevent fatigue stresses to the silencer
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Vacuum Blower VBH Series

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