Vacuum Sequencing Receiver RFTC3 Series

This filter/receiver features reverse jet pulse cleaning of the top removal cartridge filter media.


  • Available in carbon steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Gravity flapper-type discharge valve with proximity sensor to monitor valve position - 110 volts required.
  • Three (3) spun bonded Polyester filter cartridges.
  • Easy open clean air plenum to facilitate media maintenance.
  • Reverse jet pulse cleaning of filter media with NEMA 4 solenoid valve and diaphragm valve – 110 volts required (should controls not be purchased then customer is responsible for control timer and/or PLC) .
  • Magnehelic differential pressure gauge (shipped loose for field installation).
  • Inlet with internal urethane check valve


  • Air operated flapper-type discharge valve versus standard gravity valve.
  • Orifice gate/Butterfly valve discharge valve versus standard gravity valve.
  • Side mounted regenerative blower.
  • Timer assembly for reverse jet pulse cleaning.
  • Control panel with adjustable timer for vacuum sequencing.
  • Pellet service unit (RFTP Series) supplied with either a perforated plate or pancake style filter element instead of filter cartridges, reverse jet pulse cleaning and differential pressure gauge.
Vacuum Sequencing Receiver RFTC3 Series

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