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ConTran Continuous Dense Phase Transfer

Protect Your Ingredients with ConTran™

When crushing or impact could affect the usability of your materials, rely on ConTran continuous dense phase transfer technology from HorizonPSI. ConTran uses a vacuum-throttling valve to accurately maintain a constant ratio of material-to-air mass flow. As a result, the system minimizes breakage and fines – all with less energy consumption compared to other pneumatic system designs. ConTran systems are typically used with material susceptible to sliding or rolling degradation or where material segregation is a concern. When crushing or impact degrades your product or creates fines, then a continuous dense phase transfer system with ConTran is the solution for you. 

ConTran Technology

  • Modulated pressure, low velocity
  • Pressure or vacuum
  • High material-to-air-ratio
  • PD blower power source
  • Medium to long convey distance
  • Medium to high convey rates
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials

HorizonPSI ConTran Product Sheet