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Intelligent Ingredient System

Precision and Control Matter 


When producing food for people or pets, protecting your product, process and personnel are of the utmost importance. Today, recipes contain a larger number of specialized ingredients, have various formulations and require ingredient lot tracking for GFSI and FSMA compliance that require producers to track one step forward and one step back from the inclusion point. Multiple recipes create the need for more efficient product changeovers with less downtime. Finally, when managing ingredients, combustible dust and housekeeping are always concerns for the safety of plant personnel.

Our Intelligent Ingredient (I2) System is a modular approach for controlling and storing ingredients within an efficient, hygienic system, programmed to track ingredients and products from the receiving dock to the loading dock. Inventory controls are checked each time an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is used and web-based reporting conveniently provides the information needed to manage your ingredient process. But it’s the intelligence behind it that makes it a flexible, efficient and precise solution.

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