Custom Material Handling Technologies

For the efficient operation of your processing line, every system needs to function in tandem. From proper storage to safe transfer, ingredient management technologies to automation controls, we understand how the puzzle pieces fit together and can design, create, install and maintain all the systems that make your process work.

Ingredient Management Solutions

At HorizonPSI, we know that how you handle your bulk materials determines the quality of the finished product. That’s why we custom design ingredient receiving and handling solutions that are built to meet your business needs.

Bulk Material Transfer Systems

Having the right transfer system for your bulk ingredients can reduce waste, improve consistency and control breakage. Whether you need dense phase or dilute phase conveying, we’ll customize a solution tailored to your business.

Bulk Material Storage Solutions

Properly storing ingredients improves product quality and reduces waste. Whether you need a large or small bulk material storage solution, HorizonPSI will custom design a system for you.

Automated Material Handling Systems

Your recipe management, process components and facilities can’t run efficiently without automated material handling systems in place. We’ll work with you to automate lot tracking, recipe management, data collection, reporting and more.