Automated Material Handling Systems

At HorizonPSI, we work every day to make sure we do everything we can to help you protect your employees, products and brand. Automated material handling is central to everything we do. Your components, facility, process and recipe simply don’t work without it. HorizonPSI supplies custom intelligent automation systems to interface with and control every aspect of your process line. The more automated a material handling system, the more repeatable the process.

We offer programming and controls for:

  • Lot tracking
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) configurations
  • Recipe management
  • Data collection
  • Reporting
  • Security

Process Controls

HorizonPSI control panels are custom built from start to finish to ensure proper integration and maximum line productivity. Our systems provide your operators with the convenience and flexibility they need to efficiently monitor, troubleshoot and adjust systems as needed. Because they use readily available components, our automation systems are easy to maintain, upgrade and expand to fit your ever changing needs. 

Total Batch Management

Our batch management software solution streamlines the performance of your batching system. It’s flexible to fit everything from a single scale system to ones with multiple sources or destinations. With batch management software, you can configure batch sequences, create and manage recipes, collect detailed batch and process data, and monitor ingredient use and inventory.

Lot Tracking

The HorizonPSI lot tracking software offers a fully FSMA compliant solution to ensure the traceability of materials. Typically, loading materials into fixed or moveable intermediate storage containers provides a far more sanitary and safer option than accessing individual bags stored on a pallet. Each bin can have its own barcode, QR code or RFID chip that allows for easy tracking and inventory management.

Operational Sequencing

No matter the process flow, operational sequencing controls the flow of ingredients and component activity. At HorizonPSI, we spend most of our time working with either batch or continuous flow processes. We understand your process must work for you to be successful. Our engineers can design the right controls and automated material handling system for your flow or integrate components and systems into your existing process.