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June 2021 - Solving Separation/Segregation Issues of PVC Compound

June 2021 - Process System Installation Services

February 2021 - High Meat Inclusion Made Easier

February 2021 - Overcoming Challenges with Titanium Dioxide Conveying

February 2021 - Explore Your Remote Service Options

September 2020 - Preventative Maintenance Avoids Costly Errors

June 2020 - Proper Combustible Dust Explosion Safety

April 2020 - Loading Stations Make RIBC Filling Easier

April 2020 - New Horizontal Mill Delivers Higher Quality, Faster Production

March 2020 - ConTran for Plastics Manufacturers

March 2020 - KSU Science Project Donation

March 2020 - Celebrating Our 10-Year Safety Record

October 2019 - Static Discharge Explosion Safety

October 2019 - Vacuum Spray Cooling Tank Video

July 2018 - Dry Palatant Delivery with KleenFeed Screw Feeder

April 2018 - HorizonPSI Solutions Featured at Petfood Forum 

December 2017 - Eliminating Cross Contamination While Improving Transfer

December 2017 - Technology for Ingredient Integrity in Food Production

December 2017 - How Abandonment of OSHA Dust Standard Affects Your Business

December 2016 - Todd Baker & NFPA

December 2016 - New Operations Assistant

December 2016 - Bead Blasting Project 

June 2016 - Get Your Grill On Safely This Summer

June 2016 - CET Awards Above & Beyond Winners

June 2016 - Meet HorizonPSI's Newest Employee

June 2016 - Field Service Technicians Offer Preventative Maintenance Tips

June 2016 - Lawrence Facility Improves Production with New Equipment

Meet HorizonPSI's Newest Intern

Part III Pneumatic Conveying Troubleshooting Series: HorizonPSI Addresses Process Issues in Systems

HorizonPSI Realigns Departments After Merger

HorizonPSI CE Certifies Equipment for International Customer

Machinists Making Strides With New Additions at McCune Machine Shop

April 2016 - Protect Yourself from an Explosion

April 2016 - HorizonPSI Treats Customers to Royals Game

April 2016 - Meet HorizonPSI's Newest Employee

April 2016 - CET Awards Fourth Above & Beyond Winner

April 2016 - Petfood Forum 2016 Generates Business for HorizonPSI

April 2016 - Horizon Systems, Inc. and Process Systems Inc. Announce Merger

New Radiused Rotor Pockets Improve Cleanability

Customer Improves Sanitation, Orders ReelKleen

Part II Pneumatic Conveying Troubleshooting Series

Horizon Systems Introduces Two Smaller Filter Receivers

January 2016 - Part I Pneumatic Conveying Troubleshooting Series

January 2016 - Horizon Systems Helps Customer with Installation Space Restrictions

January 2016 - Visit Horizon Systems at the Petfood Forum April 18-20

January 2016 - Static Electricity Can Lead to Plant Explosions

January 2016 - Horizon's New Employee