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Customer Improves Sanitation, Orders ReelKleen

Customer Improves Sanitation, Orders ReelKleen

Sanitation has been a hot button for Food and Pet Food manufacturers for some time. Continuous improvement is key to staying current with food safe processes. As part of their continuous improvement program, a pet food manufacturing company, focused on ensuring that they have the most sanitary processes in place and discussed options with their regional Horizon Systems contacts Jordan Kronberg, Service Solutions Representative and Jason Kuhl, Regional Sales Manager, to uncover new ways to prevent product contamination.

Issue: Customer was looking for a cost-effective solution to sanitize their finished product convey lines. They had a process for cleaning the lines, but were concerned it wasn’t enough to prevent product contamination.

Background: As food processors know, there are 3 parts of process sanitation – Preventative, Passive and Active.

Preventative is the creation and execution of an overall sanitation plan.

Passive focuses on contamination prevention in the design of facilities, processes and equipment.

Active sanitation requires you to properly clean, sanitize and verify product contact surfaces.

Activesanitation is an on-going part of protecting your people, products and customers. An active sanitation process should specify cleaning methods and chemicals that are compatible with your equipment and verification process. If chemicals are used that are not compatible with equipment components, equipment may fail prematurely or product contact surfaces may be damaged. Conversely, equipment designs and transfer lines must be compatible with active cleaning methods such as heat or dry ice, as well as, sanitizing chemicals and methods.

Solution: Jordan and Jason introduced Horizon Systems ReelKleen™ liquid sanitizer delivery system as a low-cost addition to their existing sanitation plan. HSI received a patent in December of 2015 for “A system and method for sanitizing pneumatic conveying piping”. The patented process sprays product contact and convey lines with a sanitizing liquid to kill contaminants. The ReelKleen™ uses a 360 degree nozzle to apply a low volume of spray for even distribution and faster drying. It is compatible with a wide range of sanitizing solutions, which most often includes chemicals that you use today. For this customer, access ports were added to the existing transfer lines and the ReelKleen™ used the production system’s pressure to deliver the spray nozzle to the desired location to start the coating process. Watch our video to see the ReelKleen™ in action. For more information on the ReelKleen™, please contact our Service Solutions Group at (785) 842-1298.

Horizon Systems is always listening to our customers and developing customized solutions to fit your needs. Look for more Horizon Systems Success Stories in future editions of News & Views.