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Bead Blasting Project

December 2016 - Bead Blasting Project

At HorizonPSI, building sturdy, reliable and innovative equipment is what we do. When the application calls for a uniform finished look to your stainless steel equipment, and polishing is just not giving you the appearance you were looking for, we recommend bead blasting.

What is bead blasting? Bead blasting is simply the process or removing or cleaning deposits from metal surfaces. High pressure bead blasting guarantees quality surface cleaning without fear of damage, even when used on thin metals. It will produce an even satin finish without painting. It is very effective at cleaning all metal surfaces including hard to reach areas and it is environmently friendly. The beads are chemically inactive or inert, meaning they are not a threat to humans or the surrounding environment.

When planning for your next equipment purchase, ask us about bead blasting to achieve a uniform satin finish. Please contact your Industry Director for more information:

Steve Bordman - Petfood Industry Director (785) 856 - 8151

Harold Schmelzle - Food Industry Director (785) 856 - 8115

Kent Holder - Plastic Industry Director (785) 584 - 9451