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January 2016 - Horizon Systems Helps Customer with Installation Space Restrictions

January 2016 - Horizon Systems Helps Customer with Installation Space Restrictions

Horizon Systems recently worked with a petfood manufacturing company to replace nine airlocks with nine easy clean airlocks with hoppers, transitions and flanges.

Issue: This particular customer ran into a challenge because install dimensions were tight for installing six of the nine airlocks. The original installation vertically stacked the coater and the cooler in a mezzanine. This arrangement did not allow for the needed clearance for a properly sized rotary airlock to connect the two. The non-Horizon airlock we replaced was too small and was constantly getting clogged up by sticky coated fines.

Solution: We had to fit our larger easy clean airlock in a very tight spot and work to interface with the existing coater hopper without having to replace it. We provided the stack up and layout drawings to the contractors who implemented our solutions, which included designing some intricate transitions from existing equipment to the upgraded airlocks with the height and clearance that were available. The additional functionality of the easy clean airlock made the cleaning process safer and easier for the operators as well as making the process more sanitary.

The customer said that all nine airlocks were successfully installed, and all the designed equipment is working great. Utilizing the existing equipment for retrofitting reduced the overall cost of the project and minimized the downtime. This was a team effort between Steve Bordman, Petfood Industry Sales Manager, Jeff Koch, Project Manager and Will Macan, Project Manager whose hard work made this project a success.

Horizon Systems is always listening to our customers and developing customized solutions to fit your needs. Look for more Horizon Systems Success Stories in future editions of News & Views.