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Horizon Systems Introduces Two Smaller Filter Receivers

Horizon Systems Introduces Two Smaller Filter Receivers

Small Filter Receiver Small Filter Receiver Closed

Horizon Systems, Inc. has added two new filter receivers to its filter receiver product group. These smaller filter receivers are designed for applications that existing VR and smaller RFTC receivers are used for, yet meet additional sanitary and smaller line size requirements. In Food and Pet Food applications, these filters work well for minor ingredients and dry palatants. In the Plastic and Chemical industries, these units work well with pellets or powders. Powders would use the filter cartridge configuration, but the receivers may be fitted with a “pancake” filter for pellets.

These new filter receivers also provide easier access for replacing the filter material and cleaning. Once you unlatch the three clamps small filter receiver 2and lift the lid, the media and tube sheet or “pancake” filter, can be easily removed from the unit. These units are designed to be more robust and easier to clean and maintain than most other filter receivers of this size.

The first company to select this option for their production process was a plastic manufacturer who needed better accessibility to solve cleaning issues, as well as, improved filtration. They purchased two different sizes each with a different filter type. The smaller of the two receivers will be used to handle plastic pellets and includes a pancake filter without pulse cleaning. The taller receiver will handle powders, so they have cartridges that are pulse cleaned. This filter receiver was furnished with our new non-pleated STS media cartridges.

Other design upgrades include the following:

  • Handles up to a 3” conveying line
  • Tool-free filter media change/cleaning access
  • Hinged lid with a gas strut assist for easier access to filter media
  • Sanitary design
    • Full access for cleaning of product and clean air plenum
    • Minimal flat exterior surfaces
  • Supports different types of filter media
    • STS Media (new bundled smooth media that fits into a standard top removal hole)
    • Top removal pleated cartridges
    • Non-pulse cleaned screen or pancake filter
  • 4 pulse valves
    • Each filter is pulsed individually for optimum cleaning performance
  • Total contained volume less than 8 cu. ft. with 70 degree hopper – Customers can decide to not provide explosion protection on vessels less than 8 cu. ft. in volume.

If you have questions regarding our line of filter receivers or would like additional information, please contact our Service Solutions Group at (785) 842-1298.

Filter Receiver Drawing