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HorizonPSI CE Certifies Equipment for International Customer

HorizonPSI CE Certifies Equipment for International Customer

At HorizonPSI, we stand behind our products by ensuring that our equipment meets safety regulations.

We recently worked with a pet food company in France who requires their products be CE certified to show that all of the componentry meets the European safety requirements. CE Product Certification is required for specified products sold within the European Economic Area and was enacted in 1985.

We sold this pet food manufacturing customer our ConTran™ Air Management System and ConTran™ Air Bypass Assembly for a ConTran™ Blower and supplied them with a Declaration of Incorporation for both. A Declaration of Incorporation is necessary when we combine various components into a system or a machine. All the components must be inspected and certified that they meet safety requirements, and we cannot confirm parts manufactured by someone else. So, we are unable to legally CE Mark the items we supply, but we can certify them.

A Declaration of Incorporation is a certificate that accompanies the equipment and explains that since it isn’t a complete system it cannot be CE marked, but if used properly and according to the supplied instructions our company ensures the pieces we have manufactured or fabricated are safe. It is also declaring we are responsible for only our portions of the system. This is a less common option compared to the Declaration of Conformance, which is a document signed by the manufacturer that states that the product meets all of the applicable safety requirements. A risk analysis and other documentation, such as the Declaration of Incorporation, is all part of the CE process.CE Mark

A CE Mark consists of the CE logo, and if needed, a 4-digit identification number from the Notified Body who was involved in the assessment process.

At HorizonPSI, our business is your business. We listen to your needs and will solve your problems by delivering customized solutions. Look for more HorizonPSI Success Stories in future editions of News & Views.

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