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HorizonPSI Realigns Departments After Merger

HorizonPSI Realigns Departments After Merger

As of May 1, a month after our merger, HorizonPSI has made some new changes to its Sales, Production and Field Service teams to better utilize our knowledge and experience.

The Sales Team has realigned its Regional Sales Manager/Service Solutions Representative teams, and the states that fall within each region (see map pictured below).

Brian Prilliman is now a Regional Sales Manager taking over Region 5. Jason Stahl, Service Solutions Representative has moved from Region 3 to Region 5 switching places with Brian Hatfield, Service Solutions Representative who will now be working with Jeff Karigan, Region 3 Sales Manager.


Regional Sales
   Managers (RSMs)   

Service Solutions
   Representatives (SSRs)   
1Jason Kuhl

Jordan Kronberg


Brian Hatfield

3Jeff Karigan

Brian Hatfield

4Jeff Courter

Richard Stern

5Brian Prilliman

Jason Stahl

RSM-SSR Territory Map
Steve Remmers, Vice President of Sales said, “the move was really devised to put people’s strengths where needed and to allow us to cover territories more efficiently.”

As part of this transition, Jason has moved from the Lenexa office to the Lawrence office, so he can work more closely with Brian who is also located in the Lawrence office.

Brian’s previous position has been taken over by Jeff Koch who is the new Production Manager, and Jeff’s previous position of overseeing the Field Service team is now being held by Ralph Jones, Manager of Field Operations.

Not shown on the map, but still a part of the sales team is Evan Vanderpool. Evan resides in Denver, Co and on a part- time basis will assist in after-market parts sales and account management.

Rounding out the HorizonPSI sales team, are the Industry Sales Managers which include:

Please contact Steve Remmers Vice President of Sales at sremmers@horizonpsi.com or 785-856-8164 if you have any questions.