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Dry Palatant Delivery Solution

Dry Palatant Delivery with KleenFeed Screw Feeder and Spreader Nozzle

When your equipment is cleaner it means more of your ingredients are ending up where they’re supposed to. It also means less hassle when it’s time to clean your facility. Nowhere is this felt more than with digest – usually the most expensive component of your product.

Our dry palatant delivery solution brings together two innovative components: Our KleenFeed screw feeder – which reduces dusting and waste and cleans up easily, making it perfect for the application of expensive ingredients, and our new ingredient spreader nozzle for palatant enhancers that makes digest application more efficient by keeping more of it on your product and less of it coating your equipment room.

These two state-of-the-art components feature:

  • Easy change-out and sanitation
  • Back drain function and easy nozzle cleaning
  • Less dusting and environmental effect
  • Less Mess + Less Waste = More Savings (less time to clean up)
  • Customized ingredient application optimized per application
  • Product is dropped directly at the application point minimizing dusting, lost product and plant environment contamination
  • Leftover product is easily reclaimed from the feeder using the reversing screw and drain port. This minimizes product waste.
  • Feeder screw and nozzle are easily disassembled and accessed for cleaning. Access for removal of the screw is from the non-process side.
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Image of KleenFeed Screw Feeder and Spreader Nozzle