June 2016 - Lawrence Facility Improves Production with New Equipment

June 2016 - Lawrence Facility Improves Production with New Equipment

HorizonPSI recently purchased two new pieces of equipment that will impact production at our manufacturing facility in Lawrence.

The first piece of machinery is a bigger HydMech band saw. Not only did we need to replace one of our older, smaller saws, but this new saw gives us greater capabilities by speeding up cutting raw materials such as pipe, angle and tubing by 400%. We’ll also be able to bundle cut materials which allows us to cut multiple parts at one time versus one piece at a time. It will also improve our cut quality, as the cuts being made on multiple items will be square and true.

Jeff Koch, Production Manager, said, “The saw will improve efficiency in the Layout Department by allowing multiple part cutting. It also cuts at a much higher speed rate along with the improved quality.”

HydMech Band Saw

Flexible Shaft Grinder

The other piece of equipment we purchased is a Flexible Shaft Grinder. It is used for grinding, sanding and polishing almost any type of material. HorizonPSI will use it specifically for grinding stainless steel welds, as well as, surfaces finishes. It is especially important in the food industry, as food product contact surfaces require a finish average of less than 32 Ra.

Our shop employees are excited about this new piece of equipment because the grinding process used to be a 3-4 step process, but now it will take 2 steps less to complete a finish. This will be a big time saver for them, thus improving efficiency, reducing overall production time and providing a quality finish.