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Machinists Making Strides With New Additions at McCune Machine Shop

Machinists Making Strides With New Additions at McCune Machine Shop

In a few months, we’ll be celebrating the first anniversary of the opening of our Machine Shop in McCune, KS, and within that first year the shop is already looking different.

As you’ll see, a yellow ladder and railing (pictured below) were added to access the mezzanine area above the shop floor, which will house stock parts like guards and drive components.

McCune Machine Shop Ladder & Railing

Dave Nutter Vice President of Operations said, “It’s nice to have this additional storage, as it’s out of the way and frees up additional floor space."

Our shop employees have also been busy building 6 of the blue cranes (pictured left below) which are located throughout the shop floor to help them with lifting heavy parts, and they have a hoist coming soon.

McCune Machine Shop Crane

McCune Machine Shop Swing Frame

McCune Machine Shop Vertical Lathe

They’ve also built the frame (pictured middle above) that will eventually hold 2 small swings for the McCune City Park. HorizonPSI always looks forward to giving back to its surrounding communities and was happy to be able to make this donation, since we do manufacture parts and components as part of our business.

Our vertical lathe (pictured right above) is up and running that will assist with airlock rebuilds. It will be used to bore and face housings. The King 36” VTL was built in the 1950s. It was originally purchased by the U.S. Navy and later by HorizonPSI. It was originally located in our former machine shop in Pittsburg, KS and was used for several years until it needed some repairs. Tom Goff, HorizonPSI McCune Facility Manager then purchased it about 8 years ago when our former machine shop purchased a newer model. HorizonPSI then bought it from Tom and recently had it rebuilt, so the machine has made a full circle back to HorizonPSI.

As the production schedule in our McCune machine shop gets more regular, we’ll continue to increase our airlock rebuilds. If you have any questions about this program, please contact your Service Solutions Representative at (785) 842-1298 for further information or a quote.