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New Radiused Rotor Pockets Improve Cleanability

New Radiused Rotor Pockets Improve Cleanability

Horizon Systems recently started manufacturing radiused rotor pockets at its McCune, KS Machine Shop. This is a standard option on airlocks and is done to aid in the product release from the pocket, since there is a “U” at the rotor vane to shaft connection versus a “V”. The curve of the “U” shape keeps food from getting stuck in the crevices of the traditional “V” shape rotor pocket, which helps meet food-grade standards for food and pet food manufacturers.

The shape of the rotor pocket can be accomplished either by machining, which is what Horizon does, or by using a belt sander to create the “U”; however this doesn’t provide as consistent results as machining. Learn more about how we machine these “U” rotor pockets by watching our video.


Standard V Rotor

Standard "V" Rotor


New U Rotor

New "U" Rotor


New Radiused Rotor Pocket

Recently completed new radiused rotor pocket with "U" shape versus "V"