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Preventative Maintenance Avoids Costly Errors

Remember to Check Your Oil or This Can Happen! 

At HorizonPSI, we not only engineer and manufacture pneumatic conveying and ingredient management equipment, we also provide support services to help you keep your process running.

One of the cries for help our Service Solutions team hears more than they should is, “My system isn’t working because our blower package has seized up.” The most common causes of this type of malfunction are forgetting to put oil in new equipment or not checking the oil before starting the system – entirely avoidable problems. Following start up procedures and setting a preventative maintenance schedule is the best way to avoid this costly error.

Keeping your process equipment running smoothly requires ongoing maintenance. We’re here to help. Whether you need help diagnosing your system, replacement equipment or just need parts, give our Service Solutions representatives a call. Not only can we provide the equipment you need, we have access to engineering resources to make sure we fix your problem correctly. After all, our business is your business.  

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