RIBC Loading Stations

Loading Stations Make RIBC Filling Easier

HorizonPSI is devoted to helping manufacturers properly receive and store ingredients as part of their overall ingredient management program. Our solutions incorporate flexibility, safety and control to meet the specific process demands of each customer and industry we serve.

Bulk bag dischargers transfer materials to Rigid Intermediate Bulk Containers (RIBC), which can then be used independently as a storage vessel before and after a batch or as an access point in production. To make the transition from bulk bag to RIBC easier, we offer RIBC loading stations.

In addition to the Monorail Loading series, we manufacture bulk bag dischargers with independent Fork Lift and Hoist Loading configurations – all of which can be used for loading RIBCs or for in-line production and include options for custom sizing, reducing dust and enhancing material flow.

HorizonPSI Intermediate Bulk Container Fill Station

This loading station features a HorizonPSI Monorail Loading series bulk bag discharger and a small bag dump for filling RIBCs.

Contact us for more information on bulk bag dischargers or our custom-built RIBC loading stations.