Get Service From a Distance

Explore Your Remote Support Options 

HorizonPSI conversing with production manager via video chatRemote support needs skyrocketed last year as the pandemic limited travel and prevented on-site analysis. Even with a vaccine now being distributed, producers are continuing to evaluate remote support as an option for costly on-site visits for controls programming and system troubleshooting.

HorizonPSI has had success in remote controls programming assistance by creating authorized connections through a plant network connection or VPN path and installing a dedicated cellular network connection as part of the project design or a retrofit of an existing system. This setup can connect experienced engineers and technicians directly with automated controls – all without depending on facility staff or the headache of scheduling a field service trip. Setting up procedures and a process for this service would vary depending on the facility network and permissions, but the long-term savings and immediate support availability could provide huge benefits for your maintenance staff over time.

Remote support doesn’t have to be limited to controls, either. Our engineering and aftermarket parts and components teams spend a lot of time discussing process and equipment issues with maintenance staff. To overcome the challenges of diagnosing issues over email or phone calls, we have implemented a free application that can be loaded onto any phone to provide a secure connection to share real time video. Your maintenance or engineering staff can download the app and engage with our staff with live or stop motion/snapshot video, live annotation of important information and images and two-way text communication. The dialog and video can be saved and shared as needed until the problem is fixed.

At HorizonPSI, we understand the resource issues everyone faces keeping their facilities running without delays. If you would like to understand more about remote options for controls programming and system troubleshooting, contact Todd Baker at or 785-856-8110.