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Technology for Ingredient Integrity in Food Production

Protect ingredients, unload faster with ConTran

Speed is the most common objective when unloading whole grains and moving them to bulk storage. Other times, maintaining grain integrity is important to the recipe or appearance of the finished product. Split or crushed grains can be attributed to transfer technologies designed for quick unloading and are acceptable when the grain’s condition doesn’t affect the consistency of the final product.

When ingredient integrity is important to your final product, ConTran™ by HorizonPSI might just be the solution you’re looking for. ConTran is a continuous dense phase transfer solution most often used within the production process. ConTran utilizes a vacuum-throttling valve that accurately maintains a constant ratio of material-to-air mass flow. As a result, the system minimizes breakage and fines – all with less energy consumption compared to other pneumatic system designs. These systems are typically used with materials that are susceptible to sliding or rolling degradation, or where material segregation is a concern.

Protecting coffee beans, nuts or finished product appearance are just some of the existing ConTran applications in production worldwide today.

Learn more about Contran and our dense phase components.