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Acquisition of A&R Fabrications

A&R Fabrications Acquisition Increases Production Capabilities

HorizonPSI is excited to announce the newest addition to our family: A&R Fabrications of Parsons, Kansas. This recent acquisition included the purchase of the real estate, building and equipment of A&R Fabrications. We are incredibly excited to add this facility to HorizonPSI, as we’ve been space challenged for years in the Lawrence manufacturing facility with no room for expansion. The purchase of A&R Fabrications is a result of creative and cost-effective solutions to meet customer requirements as our business grows.

A&R Fabrications presented a unique opportunity for HorizonPSI as we have worked with them in the past. With their equipment and basic tooling, we will be able to easily integrate the facility into our current production output. The added capacity will lead to more efficient ways to control lead times and quality. We expect this location to eventually increase our overall capacity by 35-50%.

A new production site will offer several additional benefits. The increased space will allow us to streamline production and have better production flow in Lawrence, which reduces the man hours needed for the constant shuffling of supplies, inventory and finished goods. Looking beyond these short-term benefits, our future objective is to separate our carbon steel and stainless steel production, with carbon steel items produced in Parsons and stainless steel in Lawrence. This separation will improve manufacturing efficiencies in both locations, as working with these materials requires slightly different skill-sets and tooling. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of separating our production into this new space? Get in touch with HorizonPSI and see how we can work with you!

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