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New Laser Table at HorizonPSI

HorizonPSI Invests in Laser Table to Increase Efficiency

Laser table and loading bay in full view with two manufacturing engineers on left looking into viewport during a cutting process.Closeup of a laser cutter cutting and etching a piece of metal to demonstrate its capabilities.

HorizonPSI has always worked to continually improve our products and processes. Now more than ever, investing in new technology is essential as we battle the same supply chain issues that are affecting nearly every industry. Recently, we acquired a laser table in an effort to work even more efficiently, reducing the production time and steps required to produce quality equipment.

The new laser table system creates a clean and smooth cut, eliminating the need for post-cut grinding and the associated dust, noise and manpower involved. The laser table can also cut any number of parts from a single sheet of carbon or stainless steel. It even allows us to cut round, square, angle and even channeled metal thanks to its rotary index function. The result is a more efficient process that requires less manpower, creates less waste and helps eliminate outsourcing.

Our Engineering team provides specifications for the cut based on standard or custom drawings and relays that information to the manufacturing team. Computer Aided Manufacturing Engineers lay out parts to be cut digitally and directs the laser table to make the cuts without having to reposition or remove any of the parts until all the cuts are complete. In a single run, the parts can be for one customer or several depending on how the job is planned. Since all the cuts are automated, we can produce parts with tighter tolerances for smoother assembly and operation.

Another key benefit is the etching function. The job number and item number get etched directly on the metal, so assembly can quickly and easily identify and accurately group those parts for a specific job.  This same function can be used to identify parts produced for inventory. When pre-cut items are stored, we no longer need to access drawings to verify we have the correct item. If there are post-laser table welds, the laser table will identify where welds are to be made and make location etches so the welder can identify the proper weld seam placement, even if the protective plastic is still in place.

The cutting flexibility and accuracy of this laser table will help HorizonPSI reduce production time, eliminate noise and dust from grinding, improve inventory management and allow us to deliver the quality products we promise. After all, our business is your business. 

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