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Filter Options for the SideWinder SWR Series

Adapt Your SideWinder SWR Series to Fit Your Specific Needs

The HorizonPSI SideWinderTM round filter receiver – SWR series features easy access to the clean air plenum side for removal of self-supporting filter cartridges. All the Sidewinder filter receivers can be serviced without enclosed space procedures and are available in various sizes in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction. 

There are different ways to configure a SWR Filter Receiver for accurate weighing and optimum flow. The most popular configuration for weighments is to place the filter receiver on load cells. This stack up has a lower head height and delivers weighed materials directly to the next step.

If your process requires a higher degree of accuracy, as in the second model in the video below, a scale hopper can be added for more specific measurements. To make sure the filter receiver isn’t over filled, a high-level sensor can be installed for added protection.

If you are handling materials that have flow issues, then adding a fluid flow hopper arrangement to the bottom of the filter receiver and to the scale hopper, as shown in the third model, will alleviate most fluidity issues.

And finally, adding a cartridge filter in place of a vent sock, between the filter receiver and the scale hopper, allows for a more efficient processing of air for large batches and less down time.

At HorizonPSI, we customize solutions for your products, processes and people. After all, our business is your business.

There are different ways to configure the SideWinder Filter/Receiver-SWR series for accurate weighing and optimum flow.