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A Smarter Pet Food Process

We’ve Created a Smarter Pet Food Process

Announcing the Most Sanitary Negative Airlift Solution on the Market 

Being the best partner to our customers means we partner with other industry leaders when it creates the best solution. That’s why we partnered with Frazer-Nash Manufacturing to offer the industry-leading Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood as an option on HorizonPSI’s Negative Airlift System. Together, the system creates the most sanitary, easy to maintain and cost-effective negative airlift solution on the market.

HorizonPSI’s Negative Airlift System conveys pet food products from the extruder to the dryer, while minimizing the risk of post-processing contamination and product loss. The system makes it easy for customers to conform to all FSMA and GFSI standards for sanitation and safety.

Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood

  • Minimal maintenance costs, limited kibble and fines loss, and less downtime

  • More affordable than other hoods over a three-year period

  • Toolless access, no required floor support and zero alignment issues make it easy to operate

  • Air divert allows high temperature bake out, plus easy cleanout and an all-stainless construction add to its exceptional sanitization.

Metal-To-Metal Compression Couplings

Kleen Horizontal Product Separator

Pet Food Process Flow with Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood

Negative Airlift System with Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood

Work Smarter with the Intelligent Ingredient System

HorizonPSI Intelligent Ingredient System

A smarter pet food process also includes the HorizonPSI Intelligent Ingredient System. It takes a flexible, matrix-based approach to automating access and storage of ingredients and integrates “gain in weight” or “loss in weight” logic to ensure consistent inclusion in your process – all to ensure you get the perfect product every time.