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New Testing Capabilities

New Hosokawa Powder Tester Advances Testing Capabilities

As HorizonPSI gets ready to open our new Technology Center, the newest innovation we’re bringing to customers is the Hosokawa Powder Tester. This new piece of equipment will provide HorizonPSI with new testing capabilities for customers and allow us to better adhere to industry standards.  

Once fully implemented, this equipment will give us additional insight into quantifying flowability and floodability for mixing, drying, separation, and powder analysis. Using this apparatus makes our testing procedures and results more precise and repeatable while adhering to standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This new unit logs data for reporting and archive purposes and characterizes materials according to recognized classification tables. 

Previously, we have been able to conduct small-scale testing for materials, but have not had the capability to perform a variety of tests that follow ASTM standards, such as tapped angle of repose, angle of spatula, and fluidization. Many of our customers have requested these enhanced tests, so we are proud to now have the ability to provide them. 

Fortunately, our technicians have experience with this equipment through Kansas State University. Innovation has always been a focus of HorizonPSI, and our new Technology Center and testing equipment will help us continue to innovate so we can meet your process needs. After all, our business is your business. 

Contact Jacob Worm or Todd Baker to find out more about our enhanced testing capabilities.

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